CCL : 4
HP CAP : 45,000

Ms. Alycia Tan | 22 years old | Student from UPM

    Ms. Alyciais a hard-working girl, attending full time degree course and doing part time job as a cashier for night shift. She joined BeWe in January 2019. For instance, sheis active on BeWeand has introduced 2 of her friends to join BeWe. Now she is a 2-star member.6 months after, she got into a car accident after working for a long night shift.Her left leg is badly injured and causes temporary disability. She will have the privilege to submit her case on BeWe. Upon auditing and evaluation by adjusters, BeWe team, and Rangers.BeWe administrator decided to accept her case as aLevel 4 CCL, with aid cap of 45,000HP.BeWe members will commit to help her by subsidizing HP to her case.After all HP has been collected, she collected a total of 35,000HP.BeWe will send the fundto Alycia after converting HP points to Ringgit Malaysia (RM)to help her get through the storm of her life.


CCL : 6
HP CAP : 300,000
10% OF HP 2nd POOL : 30,000

Mr. Khatri Rahaman | 46 years old | Lorry Driver

    Mr. Khatri has been driving lorry for the past 20 years.He is a father of two. To make a better living for the family, he is always on the road. IfKharti joined BeWe in December 2018.He sponsored his wife and children to became members of BeWe. He has been active as a BeWe member and has subsidized total of 50 cases in the past few months. In March 2019, when he went for a body checkup, he is diagnosed to have fourth stage colon cancer. He submitted his case to BeWe. After BeWe professionals and Rangers hasanalyzed and verifiedthe case, the CCL is categorized as Level 6 with a cap of 300,000HP. Since he has introduced more than 2 members and had been actively subsidizing other cases, this makes him a 3-star member. so, the company made a decision to ensure him 10% of his CCL from secondary pool as a minimal collection for him.


4-star Member
HP CAP : 100,000*
*By voting

Mr. Ajiad Bin Fehmeed | 26 years old | Entrepreneur

    Mr. Ajiad has been an active member of BeWe for more than 3 years.If he achieved to be a 4* member down the road. He submitteda case to BeWeseeking for funding to start his own business. BeWe evaluated and posted his case on BeWe platform. HELPERS voted to subsidise 100,000HP for him to start his business. He will receive cash equivalent to 100,000HP from secondary pool to start building his dream right away.