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Am I Eligible ?

Any Nationality

BeWe was founded in Malaysia but any race, ethnicity and nationality who are residing in or outside of Malaysia can join us.

Aged 3 and above

BeWe is open to individuals aged 3 and above. BeWe may gradually and from time to time expand or change the age limit subject to how age, health risks & ratio of case submission affect the benefits of all members.


A person’s health status may affect on his eligibility to join this Program. A person is required to disclose any Pre-Existing Condition to BeWe during the signing up process as Pre-Existing Condition CANNOT be submitted as a case, but future risk accrue due to the current condition is acceptable. All health status is welcome to join us as long as all pre-existing condition is declared pre-joining.

Honest Community member

Members are required to make a list of declarations about their health condition and lifestyle as well as fully understand the core principles of the Platform. Failure in which will result in immediate disqualification of membership. This is to ensure all members share the same condition which is protecting each other from future risk instead of current conditions.

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