Help Point (HP)

Help Points (HP) is a point system we use to manage and measure how much each member wants to help an active submitted case. All collected HP will then have to be converted back to the receiver’s residential country currency to determine how much in monetary the receiver will receive in his/her currency.

Malaysia (MYR) 1
Indonesia (IDR) 3,653.48
Thailand (THB) 7.84577
Singapore (SGD) 0.331498
Philippines (Peso) 12.9334
Vietnam (VND) 5,615.98
Myanmar (MMK) 382.287
Cambodia (KHR) 974.958
Brunei (BND) 0.331498
Laos (LAK) 2,051.42
East Timor (USD) 0.240706
China (RMB) 1.66613
India (INR) 17.6538
United States (USD) 0.240706
Disclaimer: Conversion rate differ from time to time due to currency conversion fluctuations. Visit our website for the latest conversion rates.