BeWe is a platform where you can ask for help from the community while helping others without spending extra money.

To understand BeWe better, you can read the Benefits & Responsibilities page.

BeWe is not insurance. We are a community that protects each other.

Yes. Insurance and BeWe membership are not mutually exclusive.

Insurance may not cover all related expenses caused by an illness, may not cover certain cases, and payouts may take a long time. BeWe is designed to provide fast aid with less hassle.

We provide financial aid to community members.

The Fund Pool is powered solely by membership fees. No extra donation is needed nor accepted.

You may refer to our Why BeWe page.

Basic Membership is charged at RM100 per year and Premium Membership is charged at RM450 per year.

Institutions that wish to sign up all their members to be part of the community can do bulk sign up with signing up as Basic Membership at RM100 or Premium Membership at RM450 for each of their members.

Your account is valid for 12 months, starting from the day it is activated.

Anyone aged 3 and above can join BeWe to protect themselves from future risks. You can read more on membership eligibility HERE.

Yes, you can read more on BeWe membership eligibility HERE.

Yes, you can sponsor other people to be a BeWe member and they will be protected.

Yes, parents can purchase membership for their children who are below the age of 18 to protect them and allow them to be part of the community for their future.

This Program is founded in Malaysia. However, any race, ethnicity and nationality who are residing in or outside of Malaysia can join us.

We subsidize expenses incurred by medical conditions based on HP from the community.

Basic members can apply subsidy for expenses incurred by medical conditions, but higher membership levels allow members to apply subsidy for expenses incurred by other causes.

BeWe do not directly cover any medical fees or hospital admission but is to provide a platform to ask for help due to this matter. Make sure you obtain a copy of your medical report.

Yes, you are entitled to seek further subsidy from BeWe but it will be based on the CCL and is subject to approval.

No, BeWe is not limited by panel hospitals. We do not use the system of panel hospitals, so members can go to their preferred hospital as long as the cases can be verified by us.

Upon verification and approval, medical cases will be posted on the platform. Once the case has ended and the total HPreceived is being finalized, it will take up to 14 working days to receive the aid.

You may read the Case Critical Levels page for more information.

There is currently no deadline to submit your case, but we encourage members to submit a case to us for verification as soon as possible because we wish to help the best we can.

Each new member becomes a Helper and is responsible for an allocated respective Help Points (HP). He/She can then browses active cases and subsidize their preferred Receiver using Help Points. The amount of Help Points contributed by the members to the receiver will be converted into financial aid. The aid will be transferred from the Fund Pool to the Receiver.

Some of the Help Points under your account will be sent to the Receiver as aid.

Each member will receive a designated Help Points according to their membership category upon signing up and renewing their annual membership. Basic Membership will be allocated 50 Help Points while Premium Membership will be allocated 200 Help Points.

Yes, Help Points are valid for the duration of the membership cycle (12 months) only. Remainder Help Points that are not utilized within the membership cycle will expire and be moved to Secondary Pool.

No. The Help Points are allocated to each member per annum.

No, 200 help points are allocated to each member per annum.

No, we do not accept donations of cash or other items on BeWe.

No,it is completely voluntary but helping other community members with your Help Points will benefit you.

The number of cases you help will be reflected in your profile or membership level. Higher membership levels open up better benefits. You can read more about membership levels HERE.

Each case is verified before being published on BeWe platforms.

No, Help Points cannot be refunded as cash.

  • Step 1: Contact our Customer service or leave your Enquiry request here.
  • Step 2: Meet our professional agents, fill up the form and make payment.
  • Step 3: SMS confirmation will be sent to you upon receiving your application.
  • Step 4: Your membership will be confirmed within 7 working days and 200 Help. Points will be allocated to your account.
  • Step 5: Login and start helping others.

Direct debit & Online payment system (coming soon)

No, we only accept yearly basis

Protection is provided as long as you renew your annual membership.

Upon signing up, there is a 3-month waiting period where you cannot submit cases. Once the waiting period has ended, you may submit cases for future risks. However, you can start using your Help Points immediately after signing up.

Yes, you may terminate your membership at any time, but you will continue to stay protected until the end of the membership cycle. Remaining Help Points and membership fees will not be refunded. A member will also be deemed to have terminated his membership if he/she neglects to contribute his membership fees within the stipulated deadline.

There are no refunds for early termination, but you will continue to stay protected until the end of the membership cycle. Termination due to breach of guidelines are also not qualified for refunds and protection will be revoked.

A member who has previously terminated his membership voluntarily may rejoin under the following conditions:

  • Sign up as a new member
  • Lose accumulated benefits and Help Points
  • Unable to claim for cases during the termination period
Revoked memberships may appeal to rejoin but approvals are subject to administrator's approval.

Please click the forgot password button and your details will be forwarded via e-mail.

Each member is given a membership number which can be found under your Profile after logging in.

You can change your contact information in your Profile.

Kindly submit a ticket to our customer service HERE.

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