BeWe is a Community powered Platform. We do not rely solely on charities and donations for help. We believe the power to help each other should be in our own hands.

WHY are we doing this? We’ve personally experienced scenarios where we feel helpless and unsure of where to seek help when problems occur. This is especially apparent among the young, elderly and less fortunate.

Thus, we decided to create BeWe platform, with the founding philosophy ‘one for all, all for one’. This is a platform where every single individual has the ability to contribute and the community acts as a whole to help individuals in need.

BeWe is a platform for members to voice out when help is needed. In line with our slogan, ‘United, We Are Protected’, members of this community will be able to stand side by side and protect each other from future risks.

We believe everyone is equal and help shouldn’t be limited to the wealthy & privileged. BeWe is open to anyone who wishes to join. This is a project by the community, for the community.

Not an insurance. Not a charity. BeWe is a new concept.

We are a community that protects and helps each other in needs.


To provide a platform for anyone to seek help easily
To enable people to help others without spending more money
To create a more
caring society

BeWe Team

We are a group of average Joes who saw a problem faced by common people and want to fix it. Our founding team consists of a group of elite professionals with the expertise of all different aspects from all different industries and profession, and of course our employees and volunteers.